Working the Weed Wine Connection in California

I know it seems I have weed wine on the brain lately, after my November 16 post How to Mix Cannabis with Wine in Washington State.

I’ve written before about putting weed in wine in Cannabis in Wine: Why? and always took a dim view of mixing the two substances.

But when Steve Bloom of Freedom Leaf messaged me about writing about the blend of wine and weed – particularly the weed wine made for singer Melissa Etheridge – I was again intrigued.

I wondered, can blending cannabis with grape juice produce anything with real value in taste and style, the way pot beer does?

wine weed connection
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The answer is yes. According to winemaker Lisa Molyneux, the combination is better tasting than it sounds and if you like a good night’s sleep, this is the juice to drink.

Unfortunately, antiquated drug laws prevent the Etheridge line of wines from being distributed. California, where it’s made, has medical cannabis laws. So patients at the Greenway Compassionate Relief club in Santa Cruz are able to get the canna-wine from the winemaker herself.

If we travel to California this summer, I hope to drop in and try some myself. A full review will be forthcoming.

How to make Weed Wine

Meanwhile, if you care to make some weed wine yourself, here’s Molyneux’s recipe:

Mix 1.5 pounds of freshly dried cannabis into one barrel of fermenting red wine.
(.5 pound for white wine)

Allow the wine to complete the fermentation process and filter as needed.


According to Molyneux, a small glass is enough, and after consuming you should be prepared to sleep quite well.

Don’t expect to see weed wine in stores anytime soon, however, unless it’s made in Washington State or Colorado, both of which have recreational use laws and abundant wine industries.

Until then, you might want to settle for part two of this article, How to Pair Wine with Weed.

And if you’ve tasted weed wine before, please comment with a review.


Mari Kane

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