Wines for the Madonna Super Bowl

This Sunday’s Super Bowl will feature a half-time show with Madonna, who may inspire a dance party as she shimmies and shakes her way through Give Me All Your Love, Ray of Light, Vogue, Music and Holiday.

Question is, what wine will you drink for the Super Bowl and Madonna?

While it would be fun to toast Madonna with one of her dad’s wines from Ciccone Vineyards, it might be a little late to get any bottles shipped from the winery on Michigan’s Leelenau Peninsula.

If you go for typical football foods – pizza, nachos, salsa, potato chips, dips, cheese, chicken wings, barbecue ribs – that’s a lot of oily, spicy, acidic, high protein food to pair with wine. Here are a few suggestions:

White Wine

Die-hard Giant or Patriots fans should definitely spring for real French Champagne, which always tastes sweeter when your team wins the Super Bowl. For the rest of us a clean, locally-made Brut is a sure bet for potato chips or popcorn.

Crisp, dry rieslings or sauvignon blancs are great white wines for cutting through cholesterol and heat, and for refreshing the palate.

Red Wine

For a red wine that’s light as the feet you’re watching, a fruity, racy Chilean pinot noir will push down morsels without leaving cleat marks on your tongue.

For beefier team players, a fruity zinfandel, a meaty syrah or petite sirah – or a California red wine blend – will handily tackle the spice of wings, pork and sausage. But look for something under 14.5 % alcohol since heat + spice = palate overkill.

Men who want to feel more manly, and perhaps grow a few more chest hairs, should try strongly tannic red wines like a French Cahors (malbec) or a Uruguayan Tannat. You can wear your purple teeth like a badge of honor.

Since the 49ers didn’t make it, I have no team preference in this Super Bowl. However, I will be rooting for Madonna to not get all Hung Up on her lip-syncing.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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