Speed Tasting White Wine at 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference

Wine Bloggers Conference organizers call it Live Blogging, but let’s be real: it’s speed tasting. As with speed dating, bloggers are the women who stay seated. Winemakers are the men who move from table to table every six minutes trying to impress with their style.

In six minutes the winemaker will pour the white wine, pitch their story, and parlay all questions into memorable quotes. The blogger gets to taste the white wine, listen to the winemaker, ask questions, and then type their impressions as fast as they can into a computer or device.

Speed Tasting is the closest thing to a sporting event at the Wine Bloggers Conference.

Having speed tasted at four previous conferences, I no longer try to “blog” while tasting. I would rather tweet my impressions in under 140 characters, so I can see the tweet displayed on the big tweet screen in the ballroom – when I have a second to peek at it.

This year, at the Lakeside Resort in Penticton, BC, organizers made the decision to limit speed tasting to the wines from the local region. So, all we tasted was from BC, a brilliant move in terms of focus, something we all need in such a chaotic situation. The first day it was white wines.

Ok, here come the winemakers with their chilly white wines. Ready, set, tweet!

Speed Tasting White Wine

marikane marikane ‏@marikane

@bench1775 2012 Chill 11% alc. white blend. Round, full, more complex than its name implies. Winery on a beach. #wbc13.

@quails_gate 2012 Chenin Blanc: clean, fresh, dry thanks to the lake exposure. Gimme some oysters. Obama liked it, you will too. #wbc13

@CedarCreekwine Platinum 2012 Riesling Blk 3. 8% alc, high acidity = great style. lemony limey, slightly sweet. Lip smacker. $25. #wbc13

@Monsterwines 2011 Riesling, child of @poplargrovewines, named for Ogopogo, glow in the dark label. Ripe, tropical nose & flavors $18 #wbc13

Black Hills Alibi 2012 @nota_baby. Big minerality, super dry, clean. Excellent balance. #wbc13.

Gray Monk Pinot Gris 2012 aromatic, clean, fresh, great acidity & balance. happy 30, 40, 50-yr annivers to the Hess’s. Doin it right #wbc13

@poplargrovewines 2012 Pinot Gris Lovely limey nose, dry palate, super clean. #wbc13 Yum!

Heidi Noble here with Joie Farms 2012 Noble Blend Adlesvicor (sp?) blend. Orangey nose, ripe fruit, long finish. Pass the sushi. #wbc13

@TherapyWines Fizziotherapy blanc 2012 bright, zesty nose, sizzling acidity, clean finishing. Makes me want to work out. $23

Hester creek 2010 Trebbiano OV Bl 16 – Stony nose, big fruit, slightly sweet, clean. Biggest Treb producer in BC #wbc13 $23 winery.

First time ever wine speed tasting focused on one region, thanks Okanagan winemakers! #wbc13


And….time! That’s it for the White Wine Speed Tasting. Next up, the red wines.

To see what speed tasting sounds like, check out my video of the 2010 event.

Mari Kane

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