Randy Quaid Considers BC Wineries

How can anyone make Randy Quaid into more of a joke, but here, I’ve tried.

In my second xtranormal.com cartoon, I’ve drawn Quaid explaining to a judge his reasons for requesting asylum in Canada – to escape Hollywood star whackers. A funnier storyline could not be made up. I’ve pulled much of the dialogue from actual news reporting of his appearances at Canada Immigration, here in rainy Vancouver.

As hilarious as he was, that wasn’t enough! I have gone one joke further in this scene by depicting him considering all kinds of options for his new life in BC, including which winery he would purchase – Dirty Laundry, Twisted Tree, Laughing Stock and Zero Balance – and what local productions might hire him – Fringe, V, Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Ultimately, he decides to take the judge’s advice to hire a local film crew to shoot a reality show based on a paranoid movie star escaping star whackers, adding, “I’ll be back.”

This imagined plan for a TV series – Randy Quaid and the Star Whackers has a nice ring, eh?  – is my sincere opinion of what L’affair du Quaid is really about. He’s going to create a reality show in which he’s on the lam from a secret cabal of thieves and murderers, perhaps on the order of Sherlock Holmes vs Professor Moriarity, ala The Final Problem.

Sound crazy? Well, if Randy Quaid doesn’t turn his antics into art, he would have to be freakin’ out of his mind.

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Dig it!

Mari Kane

Mari is a writer, blogger and WordPress consultant, living in Vancouver, BC, the most wine-soaked town north of the 49th Parallel. She also blogs about WordPress web design at Blogsite Studio.com. Follow her on Twitter or Google Plus.

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