My Ignite Presentation at Wine Bloggers Conference: Wine Blending at Home

Last month, I was invited to deliver an Ignite presentation at the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon, and although I knew I had a solid subject – Wine Blending at Home – about which I’ve blogged before, I had no experience using PowerPoint. I was petrified.

Ignite has a motto: “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” An Ignite presentation can be about anything: food, wine, technology…but there are rules. You get five minutes to talk and present 20 auto-advancing slides to back up your points. Then, it’s “next” and you’re off the podium. Kind of like speed dating or speed tasting, this is speed presenting.

With no knowledge about Powerpoint, I had the surprising opportunity to enlist the help of the one person in my family who still doesn’t know how to attach a file: my husband, Bill. He showed me how add text and make it fly around and how to add backgrounds to spice up the visuals. He even let me shoot pictures of him posing as a mad scientist. We were still putting it all together the night before – while other bloggers partied on the 14th floor – when I realized I was one slide short. Just then, our friend Ivana suggested another blending idea: old wine + new wine + middled aged wine, and hurray! The Powerpoint was complete and we were able to go upstairs to join the party!

Here is what ensued for Wine Blending at Home.

A real hard act to follow was Gwendolyn Alley, the Art Predator, speaking about Wine, Sex and the Semi-Colon.

Even harder to follow was winemaker Ryan O’Connell of Domaine O Vineyards, on Get Out of Your Chateau.


Big thanks to Jeffrey Weissler at and @consciouswine for recording and posting these videos, the rest of which can be found on YouTube.

More Wine Bloggers Conference is coming, so stay tuned.

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Mari Kane

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