Mixed Blessings Wine a Tableau of Gay Marriage

Just in time for the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8, along comes Mixed Blessings wine.

The new white blend sports the most timely label in wine history. As with most of the labels from British Columbia’s Blasted Church Winery, the depicted scene is in a church, but this time it’s a wedding with two men on one side and two women on the other. They are black, Latino, white and Asian, in that order. You don’t know if it’s a gay wedding or just inter-racial. The preacher certainly looks befuddled. All that’s missing is a crowd of protesters with “one man + one woman = marriage” signs.

“Is it hetero? Gay? Inter-racial? Polygamous? Monogamous?” says the label’s creator, Bernie Hadley-Beauregard of Brandever Design. “Why, it’s a nuptial play of who is marrying who.”

I like Blasted Church wines, but I absolutely adore their labels. Hadley-Beauregard takes the churchy theme to an unholy level, latching onto the fact that, for all its gravitas, Christianity is actually very funny. It makes me laugh all the time. The only thing these labels need are a bunch of dancing nuns.

The wine itself is as round and exotic as the label implies. Fresh aromas of green apples, toasty pineapple and white flower dominate the nose. Pretty tropical fruit and apples roll across a full mouthfeel with notes of caramel, oak and some zesty acid. The finish is medium length with lip smacking lime and pineapple. The winery is being mysterious about what Mixed Blessings contains, but I suspect it is mostly chardonnay with some riesling or ehrenfelser adding zing. It’s a frisky wine with inviting fruit – not unlike a sweet lover of the same sex or different color.

I asked Hadley-Beauregard if the inspiration for Mixed Blessings had anything to do with Prop 8 in California.

He said, “Yes – but indirectly so. Just about every jurisdiction in the world has a Prop 8 issue in some form or another. I felt that a mixed wedding scenario was ripe for the picking!”

So there you go. Mixed Blessings is the perfect wine for our mixed up times.

If you’ve never seen Blasted Church wines, here are a few of my favorite labels

That would be Marvin Shanken on the left, Robert Parker on the right.

Mari Kane

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