Mad Men Spill The Wine

Mad Men finally used my idea about a wine client!  It’s a scenario I made into an Xtranormal cartoon in 2010 and someone must have seen it because they picked up the idea in the very next season.

Sure, my idea was about Gallo because I’m California centric and I thought the Italian stereotype was perfect for the mid-60s milieu. But producer Matthew Weiner chose Manischewitz as the client, setting up conflicts about the acceptance of Jewish culture by WASPs, with Roger surreptitiously chasing Manischewitz with help from the only Jews he knows, young Ginsberg and his soon-to-be ex-wife, and he recruits her at the cost of a new apartment.

mad men spill the wine, tastingroomconfidential.comIn Wiener’s plot, Manischewitz is trying to reinvent their image of a sweet, syrupy grape juice maker to the producer of a diverse portfolio of table wines. So 60s. Back then, wine was made sweeter because sweet was what Americans liked in wine, a foreign beverage they were still learning to appreciate.

Still, the cultural divide is an enticing theme and I can’t wait to see the wine tasting scenes where Roger cracks, “hints of intellectuality with a bagel-like finish.”


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Happy Victoria Day, Canada!

Mari Kane

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  • May 21, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    This is a cute cartoon and interesting how they picked up the idea.
    By the way I did a blog about the New Zealand wine fest. we attended and I put a link to this blog there. Hope it brings you more traffic.

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