Mad Men Meet Gallo Winery

If you follow my twitterings, you know that I’m mad about Mad Men, the ad agency retro-drama that just closed its fourth season with a wimper. Through these four seasons, I’ve always wanted Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to take on a California winery account and treat the idea of California wine with trepidation. “Who wants to buy wine from California? Isn’t that what Italy’s for?”

So when I discovered the animated movie site, I cranked out a script and typed it in. Don Draper and Peggy Olson discuss California wine and decide that Gallo sounds Italian enough to sell to 1965 America. This version uses the bare-bones assortment of actors and scenery, but the site does allow changes in the details and actors for a fee, so someday I might add Pete Campbell and that unforgettable Mad Men soundtrack.

This video is truthy to wine history. According to the Internets, E&J Gallo was the first California winery to advertise their wines on a big scale. I thought it was Mondavi, Paul Masson or David Bruce, but no. It was Gallo. “Everything we know is everything you taste” is one of Gallo’s actual ad slogans.

The current show is set in 1965 , close enough to when Gallo started advertising, and if the next Mad Men season starts in 1966 or ’67, that will work too.

Matthew Weiner, if you’d like to use my scene as a Cure for the Common Episode, please know that I’m open to freelancing.

I only like the beginning of things.

Mari Kane

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