Legacy Liquor a Beacon for Olympic Village

Legacy Liquor wine and spirits room, by Mari Kane, www.tastingroomconfidential.com
Legacy Liquor wine and spirits room

At last, a reason to visit the Olympic Village. Not that the development is not still a ghost town, but at least it features the most beautiful liquor store in Vancouver.

Legacy Liquor opened about four months ago – me, not seeing it from the seawall – and it turns out to be the largest, most broadly stocked private liquor store offering more tastings and cold bottles than anyplace this side of the 49th Parallel.

And, it’s here in my back yard, just steps from False Creek.

The store faces the big bird plaza and the still-vacant, but spectacularly-restored Salt Building, now with signage announcing an impending restaurant. Legacy’s space was used by Olympic athletes as a multi-faith place of worship and you gotta bet those folks were praying hard. Legacy’s associate Tom told me, “I work in a place that’s blessed.”

Perhaps the pagens prayed near the doorway because there’s a wall of flora to the left of the entry and it looks due for a trim. The decor is stone, glass and wood, tastefully lit to shimmer like a Tiffany’s shop. Tom said the layout was designed according to Feng Shui principles with one room connected diagonally to the next with no sharp angles to interrupt the flow of chi.

Past the registers, you see the BC wine section on one side and the affordable whiskeys, vodkas, gins, and rums on the other. Proceeding on, there is a room full of microbrews parralled by a hi-end whiskey chapel. Then a sizable room of coolers is tucked next to the tasting bar/kitchenette, and beyond that, the tasting room is cocooned with European and American wines.

The tasting room really is cozy. Long wood tables that appear to seat 20 or more are set under mission style chandeliers and surrounded by some of the worlds best bottles. The night we stopped by to browse these bottles, there was a Scotch tasting, sold out, with the very Scottish Bob Kyle from Rare Drams circling the table elaborating on the next fine dram. I felt tempted to just sit down and participate, it was that enticing.

And if the wood chairs start feeling hard, there is a little lounge space with a working fireplace where one can repair comfortably.

Legacy offers points for purchases and awards a $25 gift certificate for $500 worth of purchases. Plus, they give a case discount of 5%, which helps push the price closure to the LDB’s prices. Most of Legacy’s bottles, however, you’ll never see in a LDB store.

I can’t believe I can rollarblade there.

Legacy Liquor Store is at 1633 Manitoba Street between Walter Hardwick Ave and Athletes Way. 604.331.7900

Here are a few tastings happening this weekend.

Friday, 4-7 pm   03/18/2011

MOLSON M TASTINGSaturday, 2-6 pm   03/19/2011

Sunday, 2-6 pm   03/20/2011

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