What to Drink for the Weedbowl: Hemp Beer, Of Course

Next Sunday is the Superbowl, the biggest game in American football.

This year, two great western teams are facing each other. The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are from two of the biggest cities west of the Mississippi.

Both cities have wild west histories, both have strong coffee, hoppy ale and a wine culture.

super-bowl-hemp beer, tastingroomconfidential.com

But there is another culture that unites Seattle and Denver that is au courant and controversial and yet it probably won’t be made into a half time commercial.

I’m talking marijuana, pot, grass, maryjane, or ganga – call it what you will.

Both Superbowl teams are from states that now have legal recreational cannabis. That’s why this year’s game is being called the Weedbowl.

Too bad Weedbowl is not being played in either of those cool cities instead of New Jersey. I just hope the mayor of East Rutherford is a Christie supporter.

What to drink for the Weedbowl?

Drink whatever the heck you like.

Honestly, if you enjoy wine, maybe drinking a bottle from the Columbia Valley or the Grand Valley would be appropo. Same with bubbly if you aim to celebrate a win.

But to truly get into the spirit of the Weedbowl you probably ought to drink something that combines the best of the beer and pot cultures.

Hemp Beer to the Rescue

It’s only a matter of time when Colorado and Washington Breweries start using their homegrown cannabis to make cannabeer.

For now, there are plenty of brands of hemp beer on the market that won’t get you high, but they will impart that sweet, nutty taste of hemp seeds you might know and love.

red-hook-hemp- beer, tastingroomconfidential.comWashington State residents should cop a bottle of Joint Effort, made with hemp seeds by Redhook Ale Brewery and Hilliard’s Beer. It’s tag line, “a dubious collaboration between two buds,” was rejected by the Federal BATTT, but was approved by the state liquor board. The bar pulls are made from bongs.

Hightide Hemp beer, tastingroomconfidential.com


Californians can score six-packs of Humboldt Hemp Ale from Humboldt Brewing Company, a brown ale “Totally toasted” with toasted hemp seeds. That stuff’s been on store shelves since the late 1990’s.


derailed-hemp-beer, tastingroomconfidential.com

Caldera Tap House in Ashland, Oregon makes a seasonal ale called Double Hemp Brown, an American-style brown that includes 20 lbs of hemp seeds per batch and weighs in at a whopping 7.2% alcohol. I wonder if they’re tapping it this weekend.


Wedge Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina pours a Derailed Hemp Ale using 150 lbs of toasted Hempseeds in the mash. They say it finishes Crisp, with a Resinous Buzz.”

Harvest moon hemp beer, tastingroomconfidential.com


Here in Western Canada, football fans can access Harvest Moon Organic Hemp Ale produced by Nelson Brewing Company. It’s a Kolsch style ale made with organic Pilsner and Munich malt, organic wheat, and “just a twist of B.C. culture…organic toasted hemp seeds.”

Buzz hemp beer, tastingroomconfidential.com


There is Millenium Buzz Hemp Beer from Cool Brewing Company. This amber lager is brewed with B.C. hemp, dark roasted Alberta malt and German hops.


Reef-Break_hemp beer, tastingroomconfidential.comBowen Island Brewing has been making hemp beer since the last century and their current release is Reef Break Hemp Blonde Ale. “If it was any more BC, it would be illegal.”

Hightide Hemp beer, tastingroomconfidential.com


Or, try Hightide Hemp Ale from Howe Sound Brewing. It’s a “smooth, malty higher-gravity amber ale…hand-crafted, with freedom, love and soaring eagles in mind. Peace out!”


Just Say Smoke

And if you don’t drink at all, you can always load a pipe and imbibe in the herbal stuff. After all, isn’t the SuperGlass or the SuperMug or the SuperFlute

It’s called the SuperBowl.

Go Seahawks!

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