Blend of the Week: Pinot Noir + Shiraz

The Wines

Blue Water Winery 2010 Pinot Noir, Holverson West Vineyard, Sanilac County, MI, USA
McGuigan Bin Series 2010 Shiraz, Limestone Coast, NSW, Australia 

Blue Water is close to our family farm in Port Sanilac, and the Holverson vineyard is just one mile east of us. I’ve been following their wines for the last few years and one thing I’ve noticed about their pinot noir is a tendency toward high acidity. Other than that, it’s a fine wine with fresh red fruit.

McGuigan Shiraz is a delicious wine with raisiny fruit, on the soft side with big tannins.

The Blend

The pinot had been open a day longer than the shiraz, giving it time to blow off steam, which it didn’t.

At 2 parts pinot – 1 part shiraz, the nose was like a giant fruit bowl: red, purple, and black fruit all playing together nicely. The shiraz definitely calms down the pinot and elongates the finish.

At a 1 to 1 ratio this blend is rocking. I can still make out the different parts, as it hasn’t exactly integrated yet, but the shiraz is more lively with the pinot punching it up.

The Conclusion

The acidity of the pinot was greatly decreased by the shiraz, and the shiraz became more racy by the pinot, creating a more balanced wine.

I’d call this pinot/shiraz a pretty good blend and will try it again. With different wines, of course

Blue Water Winery 2010 Pinot Noir contains 13% alcohol. Available in the US via the website for $16
McGuigan Bin Series 2010 Shiraz has 14% alcohol. Available at BC Liquor Stores for $15

Blend of the Week is part of a new series here at Tasting Room Confidential, called Wine Blending at Home. 
To fulfill my philosophy that you can improve a bottle of wine by blending it with something else, I will be 
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