Blend of the Week: Garnacha + Sauvignon Blanc

In this blend, we lighten up the muscle and tannins of a Spanish red with a touch of amenable New Zealand white wine.

The Wines

Evohé 2010 Garnacha Viñas Viejas de Aragón, Spain
Twin Islands 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand

On its own, the Evohé – what Jupiter said to Bacchus – is a satisfying stand-alone garnacha (or granache). Super ripe and strong flavored, its black fruit smells and tastes nicely charred. And it has the burning wood beneath the cooked fruit. With rugged tannins and a dry, dark chocolatey finish, it’s a wine you’d want to camp out with. That may be great with chocolate or a steak, but not so much with turkey leftovers. I wanted a red wine to drink turkey, yams and beets without overwhelming them.

The Twin Islands has clean citrus fruit and floral aromas, is crisp and minerally, and lacks the overwhelming taste of jalepeno pepper so many New Zealand sauvignon blancs offer. With a nice fresh finish, it’s neither exciting nor offensive.

The Blend

I knew it wouldn’t take much, but adding 1 part sauvignon blanc to 4 parts garnacha pretty much achieved what I was seeking. A more elegant quaff with lighter body, lifted fruit, and more acidity, it paired better than the garnacha alone.

I made an attempt with an Ontario riesling, but it was too sweet and way too zippy. Tough one, that.

The Conclusion

The same wine doesn’t always go with different foods. Sometimes all a red wine needs is a splash of white!


Evohé 2010 Garnacha has 14% and is available at BC Liquor Stores for $17.99
Twin Islands 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is available at BC Liquor Stores for $15.99

Blend of the Week is part of a new series here at Tasting Room Confidential, called Wine Blending at Home. 
To fulfill my philosophy that you can improve a bottle of wine by blending it with something else, I will be 
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Mari Kane

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